Lauryn is currently based in Boston, tho you can usually find her in NYC on the week-ends or travelling elsewhere when not working.

Her passion for music has been a constant in her life for as far back as she can remember. She began studying classical violin when she was nine years old.

Lauryn's love of music led her to begin DJing and producing her own psytrance radio show while attending college in upstate New York. In 2002, after graduating, she moved back to Boston where she helped start Psyforia, a monthly psy event that runs to this day.

Lauryn is a label dj with Peak Records based in Switzerland and is also affiliated with NYC based 28thday ( and Texas based Mistical Productions ( She also does freelance bookings and promotional work for various psytrance artists and djs around the world.

In the past six years, Lauryn has played across the United States and in Europe, sharing the stage with many well known international acts. She is known for her energetic night-time funky full-on psychedelic sets as well as the occasional morning progressive grooves.


13/06/2009 - Gaian Mind Festival - Darlington, Maryland, Usa
10/11/2007 - Trance JuranExpress - Gold Club, Porrentruy, Switzerland
08/09/2007 - TBA - Pennsylvania, USA
24/08/2007 - Uncharted Territory - Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA
19/08/2007 - 28th Day 2 Year Anniversary - TBA, USA
17/08/2007 - Moondance Festival - Montreal, Quebec, Canada
04/08/2007 - TBC - Pennsylvania, USA
27/07/2007 - AUM Festival - Arkansas, USA
21/07/2007 - Private Party - Upstate New York, USA
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