Born in 1979, Dj Fog started listening to electronic music when he was 15 years old. He discovered Goa trance music in 1996 from a new zeland dj's mix tape, and after going to a party at the Fridge Club in London, he fell in love with the trance movement.

After the Boom festival 2000, he started to mix d'n'b and psy trance with cds and vinyls. In 2003 he met an old friend (Nukleall) and they started to mix and produce music together.

In 2004, after he graduated in photography, they created the Looney Moon party organization. Their aim is to provide parties following the concepts of the international festivals, thus giving a lot of importance to the artistic and cultural side of trance.

Since its conception, Looney Moon has organized parties with many Italian and international artists, such as Ocelot, Yab Yum, Dick Trevor, Error corrective, Evp, Penta, Menog, GOW, Syntax error, Spectra, Audialize, Phatmatix, Para Halu, Master Margherita, Dymons, Nagual, Punkadelik, Fluorobotanics, Mae and Moa and more.

After the successful organization of parties in Italy, and good responses from their dj sets abroad, the Looney Moon team is now launching Looney Moon records. Their first compilation is already under construction & will feature upcoming local talents, mixed with more famous names from all around the globe.

They will also be online soon, with a first version of their homemade website giving a view on the Italian psychedelic scene, and presenting many new promising Italian artists, djs, live acts, painters, deco artists, photographers & graphic artists.

Since November 2005, Dj Fog also flies the Peak Records flag as a label dj.

He likes all genres of psy trance, from night time to progressive, but these days his favorite style is perfect for night or early morning times. His sets are varied & dynamic, rich in unreleased tracks from his artist friends worldwide. He has played in France, Switzerland, Hungary, England and very often in Italy. In the chill out he does sets of down-tempo, ethnic or more psychedelically flavored stuff.


22/08/2013 - Momento Demento - near, Zagreb, Croatia
14/02/2013 - Spaghetti - Beach Party - Goa, India
08/02/2013 - Sonica Goa - Goa, India
31/01/2013 - Modular Synergy - Goa Edition - Goa, India
27/01/2013 - Aquarius V - Westend Club, Goa, India
18/01/2013 - Bluewaves Treelogy - Bluewave, Goa, India
02/08/2012 - Boom Festival - Idanha A Nova, Portugal
13/08/2011 - Transilvania Calling - Romania
17/07/2010 - Digital Waves - Acid Prophecy - Ticino CH
17/05/2008 - Ganja Tree vs Looney Moon - Italy
31/12/2007 - New Year party - tba, Torino, Italy
25/12/2007 - PSY CHRISTMASS - Phuddu bar @ Murazzi del Po, Torino, Italy
08/12/2007 - UNDERGROUND VIBRATIONS VOL 2 - RANCH - moncalieri, Savona 132,fraz.Bauducchi, Moncalieri, Torino, Italy
07/12/2007 - Alienation party - Firenze, Italy
01/12/2007 - Wild Thing label party - GABRIO - Via revello 3 - TORINO
19/10/2007 - Looney Moon @ Sinder Party - tba
06/10/2007 - Fantasie Party - Grenoble, France
07/09/2007 - Modular Dimesion Party - Torino, Italy
31/08/2007 - Termineitrag Festival - Leibnitz, Austria
11/08/2007 - Crystal Moon Festival - Italy
07/06/2007 - Rotta su Goa - Val Camonica, Italy
01/06/2007 - Mental Soup Festival - Ticino, Switzerland
26/05/2007 - Spyral Twist Party - Torino, Italy
12/05/2007 - Atlantix Land Party - Alessandria, Italy
05/05/2007 - Brainstorm - Venezia, Italy
29/04/2007 - Street Parade Antipro - Firenze, Italy
28/04/2007 - Goaland 2007 - Bologna, Italy
14/04/2007 - C.K.O. - Milano, Italy
07/04/2007 - Time Distortion - Torino, Italy
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