Don Ziggy

Don Ziggy grew up in the late 70's in Austria, with brass bands and countryside music blaring out from the radio. His first passionate contact with music happened when he was seven, performing with the local village brass band... Well, the passion for music stayed - although the style changed!

By the age of ten he had discovered The Beatles, who remained his strongest influence untill he was thirteen, when it was Pink Floyd, who represented THE MUSIC for him. They were, in a way, a kind of introduction for him - and surely many others - to psychedelic music. Traveling through Deep Purple, Philipp Glass, Led Zep, ethno music, classical, rock, punk and later trip hop, psychedelic ambient and anything you could name, he found himself in spring 1998 in Koh Phangan, Thailand. On one of this islands legendary Full Moon parties he experienced the world of psytrance for the very first time.

18 months later he held a chai shop at the even more legendary Solipse in Ozora, Hungary. Anybody who was there will understand why he got hooked on psychedelic trance immediately. This was the probably the most psychedelic and extraordinary festival he had seen so far.

So, about a year later he found himself behind the decks at a party in Koh Tao, and soon had gigs in Koh Phangan (Thailand), Cape Town (South Africa), Hungary and all over Austria.

For the next five years he spent half the year in Austria, and the other half traveling all over southern Africa, Europe, Asia and Central America combining two of his passions: traveling and music. This allowed him to perform and make music together with many international artists.

Since about three years, in addition to psychedelic trance, he plays ambient, downtempo, ethno, groove and some groovy progressive if needed - always depending on the time, party, place and especially the people. He only plays what he really likes, and tries to catch the atmosphere of the dancefloor with music that affects us in any way. It doesn't have to always be only calming or uplifting, but can (and should) push us to our limits and challenge us - music with a soul!

Personally he likes it psychedelic, fast, driving & mystical in the night-time, to dance out everything which makes us heavy, so that we can be more light and uplifting in the morning, and happily groovy for the day.

In 2007, Don Ziggy decided to walk the same path as Peak Records by becoming a label dj.

14/05/2010 - BASSPRODUCTION Oldschool Goa Party - Weberknecht 2.1, Wien, Austria
29/11/2008 - MAD CLUB - Tirol, Austria
15/11/2008 - Psychedelic Carnival III - Z├╝rich, Switzerland
11/10/2008 - To be Announced - Ljubljana, Slovenia
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