(Sanskrit: दक्षिणामूर्ति ) is the aspect of Shiva as a teacher of all types of knowledge (jnana), and his personification as the supreme or the ultimate awareness, understanding and knowledge. It also represents Shiva as a teacher of yoga, music, and wisdom.

Daksinamurti is a time and space traveling earthling from Marburg, Germany where he studies cultural Anthropology and Ethnology. His musical journey began when he started to feel uninspired by the musical situation and vibes around him. That's when he decided to kick up some dust and share his passion for the music he first listened to in India in the 90s.

Daksi's recipe for the dance floor is a journey through powerful night/twilight psychedelic trance with a strong groove, powerful melodies, psychedelic-organic-tribal-atmospheric soundscapes, and plenty of surprises leading from dark to light. He also has a big passion for 90s Goa trance and tracks with a touch of old school.

Daksinamurti has performed at numerous parties and festivals including Universo Paralello, VuuV, Freedom Festival,  Full moon, Alien Safari, Antaris, Fusion, Psycrowdelica, Gemini, Transylvania Calling and Desiderata. His dj sets have energized the dancefloor of many countries around the globe such as India, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Dubai, USA, Canada, Portugal, Thailand, Finland, Norway, Greece, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Romania, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, UK and Italy.


26/07/2013 - S.U. N. Festival - Hungary
31/05/2013 - Fractalia - Berlin, Germany
28/03/2013 - Transition Festival - National Park of Doñana, Spain
02/08/2012 - Boom Festival - Idanha A Nova, Portugal
28/06/2012 - Tree of Life - Izmir,turkey - TBC
26/11/2011 - TPE - Birthday Edition - Hamburg, Germany
10/09/2011 - Mana Festival - near New York, Usa
31/08/2011 - Burning Man - Nevada, Usa
18/08/2011 - Prismcode Festival - Canada
12/08/2011 - Desiderata Festival - near New York, Usa
30/07/2011 - Lawatanssit 2011 - Forest Festival - Finland
21/07/2011 - Yaga Gathering - Lithuania
16/07/2011 - Antaris Project - near Berlin, Germany
08/07/2011 - Hybrid Evolution Festival - Greece
30/06/2011 - Fusion Festival - near Berlin, Germany
24/06/2011 - Kaschmaukenaufstand Open Air - Germany
11/06/2011 - Trimurti Festival - Russia
28/05/2011 - Marburger Synapsen - Verwirrung, Germany
14/05/2011 - Jiranium - Munich, Germany
30/04/2011 - Queensday - Amsterdam, Netherlands
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