Tengri is Leonid “Leo” Golcev from Macedonia.

An accomplished producer and formally trained pianist, Leo first came in contact with psychedelic music in the early 90s and started djing chill and psytrance in 1995. Influenced by the early 90s psychedelic chill and goa music combined with dub, ethno, deep and atmospheric sounds, he soon ventured into music production.

Leo is not a newcomer to the international psychedelic scene, he first became prominent in 2003, when he formed the psychedelic powerhouse duo “Atriohm” with his brother Sashe. In the following years, they toured the world together, providing psytrance lovers with heavy-duty nighttime rhythms, while also releasing a number of stunning chill tracks. 

Opting for a more relaxed lifestyle, Leo eventually quit Atriohm (now continued as a solo act by Sashe), and dedicated himself exclusively to the exploration of various downtempo forms and the production of quality chill music. His new solo project Tengri was born in 2011.

The name Tengri (literally “blue” in Mongolian), originates from the primary father deity in the ancient central Asian religion Tengrism (or Tengriism), whose followers aim at an existence in harmony with the surrounding world and sustained by the eternal blue sky (Munkh Khukh Tengri).


02/08/2014 - Ozora Festival - Ozora, Hungary
25/07/2014 - Lost Theory Festival - Deringaj, Croatia
05/09/2013 - Blackmoon Festival - Poggio San Marcello (AN), Italy
15/08/2013 - Lost Theory Festival - Gracac , Croatia
01/09/2012 - Tangra Festival - Sandanski region, Bulgaria
15/08/2012 - Lost Theory Festival - near Zadar, Croatia
02/08/2012 - Boom Festival - Idanha A Nova, Portugal
28/04/2012 - Intersomnia presents Sounds of Parvati - London, Uk
23/09/2011 - Equinox B-day Party - ex club Dynamique, Skopje, Macedonia
09/09/2011 - Tangra Festival - Mountains of Bulgaria
27/08/2011 - Aurora Festival - Greece
30/04/2011 - Milky Way Festival - Miravci, Macedonia
16/04/2011 - New Age Cafe - Skopje, Macedonia
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