Dj Pitch


DJ Pitch is Vladimir Pitchugin, born in Moscow in 1980.

From an early age, he identified with punk music and its lifestyle. His favorite artists were the Sex Pistols, Exploited, Anti-Nowhere League, Dead Kennedys and various Russian punk-rock bands.

In the late nineties, his musical taste shifted towards psychedelic trance and he started collecting music from around the world on DATs and CDs. He played his first DJ set in 1998 at a friend’s party, followed by many more in parties and festivals in Russia, Finland, Brazil, Holland and Thailand amongst other places.

In 2003, Pitch joined the Party People family, a group of psychedelic enthusiasts whose other members include Alex Parasense, 7even, Pantomiman and Tonal. They have organized many legendary parties in Russia featuring DJs and musicians from international labels such as Bomshanka, Peak, Looney Moon and World People.

In 2011, Pitch joined the international Peak Records family and became one of their label DJs. In his sets, he favors tracks with a distinct “jumping” rhythm, an intelligent content and an interesting psychedelic storyline.

In parallel to his DJ career, Pitch is also a scientist. He graduated from the Physics Department of Moscow State University, with a chemical physics thesis on the description of fractal multi-layered structures in crystallized polymers.


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