Rowan grew up in Goa and has been dj-ing psytrance for as long as he can remember.

He first went to Goa when he was 9 months old, with his mother and Joey (Eat Static).

He grew up with Dj Domino ( one of his favorite dj's ) as well as Anarkick Systems and Arjuna. He was also surrounded by good dj's such as Manu, Jonas, Leo, Govinda, Joshi(RIP), Nigel, Riktam and Bansi to name but a few.

Growing up in Goa meant he was able to attend some the best out door psychedelic parties and watch psytrance evolve. Rowan has been collecting psytrance since he was nine years old, but did not start to DJ until he was about sixteen.

When he left Goa to study, he went back to England and was introduced to lots of other types of dance music.  He is now an accomplished dj in many styles including drum and bass, break beat, and electro... but his true love has always been psytrance.


22/09/2013 - Shiva Valley Psy Sundays - Volks Club, Brighton - UK
07/09/2013 - Freaky Moon - Switzerland
06/08/2013 - Ozora Festival - Hungary
18/07/2013 - Antaris Project - near Berlin, Germany
07/06/2013 - Arudra Festival - Old Manali, India
15/05/2013 - Parvati Peaking Promo Party - Kasol, Parvati Valley - India
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