Talent Management

3 Sided Whole - Renegade Stage & Organic Farm

Visual artists

Alexander Lauterwasser - Cymatics - Sound Figures
Ciaci - Paintings, Switzerland
Cymatics - a study of Wave Phenomena by Hans Jenny
Eric Brandy - Paintings
Jose Monti - Writer
Luke Brown - Spectral Eyes, Canada
Lumen - Martial Arts and fire juggling crew, Switzerland
Nagual - Purveyors of finest quality hand-painted psychoactive art, Uk
Neil Mendoza - Interactive art
Nils - Partys decorations & Paintings, Switzerland
Psynema - Audio-Visual Performance Act
Punkadelik - Elektrik Paintings, France
Tikimatic - Outer Space Design Station, Switzerland

Party Organisations

Alien Safari - South Africa
Antaris Project - Germany
Boom Festival - Portugal
Mantra Tribe System - Geneva, Switzerland
Ozora Festival - Hungary
Psychedelic Carnival - Zurich, Switzerland
TPE Parties - Hamburg, Germany



Aphonix Records - Switzerland
Bom Shanka Music - United Kingdom
DropOut Production - California
MikelaBella Records - Barcelona, Spain
Triplag Music - Ireland
Waveform - California
Wildthings Records - United Kingdom

Holistic Health

Inversion Therapy - Alex Hickman - UK Inversion Therapy Practitioner


Atriohm - Electronic music producer, Macedonia
Don Peyote - Electronic music producer, Australia
Electrypnose - Electronic music producer, Switzerland
Esx Trio - Worldbeat Band, Switzerland
Illegal Machines - French psychedelic artist
Kali-Frogz - Electronic music producers, France
Kickbong - Electronic music producer, France
Kukan Dub Lagan - Dub & Electronic music producer, Israel
Loopus in Fabula - Electronic music producer, Italy
Naaga - The sound of Gongs, Japan
Palyrria - Worldbeat Band, Greece
Phatmatix - Electronic music producer, France
Psyberpunk - Switzerland
Samuel Hall Band - Dark Blues, Switzerland
Teratone - France
Tripswitch - Electronic music producer, Uk
Trold - Norwegian psytrance artist
Voie Sensible - Ambient, Post-Jazz, Songwriting Band, Switzerland


azarius.net - Smartshop, Headshop + Music
Beat Space - Italian Online Psytrance Shop
Beatport - Digital Music Store
eMusic - MP3 Music and Audiobook Downloads
Napster - Digital downloads shop, Usa
Psyshop - German Online Psytrance Shop
Rhapsody - Music Downloads
Saiko Sounds - Hong Kong record store - get your psytrance fix here.
Techno.to - Japan
Trackitdown - Dance Music MP3/WAV Distribution Centre
Ultimae - Online Ambient/Chillout Shop, France
West Beach Crew - Ambient/Chillout Online Shop, Italy


Bomelakiesie - South Africa
Isratrance - International Trance Community, Israel
Mystical Forum - Switzerland
psy.com.mk - Macedonia
Trance Goa - France
trancepleme.com - Croatia
Triplag - International Darkpsy community


Dubsahara - Mystical Persian Electronica by Greg Hunter
Master Margherita - Electronica, IDM, Ambient, Chillout, Downtempo
Peak - selection of sets by Peak Records artists
Psy Trance - Peak Records podcast
Wave Particle Duality - Greg Hunter podcast


Hemp building - Steve Allin - Environmental Design Consultant


La PLanete Bleu - Ambient, Worldbeat, Chillout Show
Radio Wiennerwald - uncommercial webradio
TripLag - Dark Psychedelic Trance portal ~ Shamanic Trance 24/7


Last Rites Tattoo - Darkimages by Paul Booth
The Leu Family's Family Iron - This is the official website of The Leu Family's Family Iron


Morpheus Music - Ambient, Worldbeat, Chillout news and info
Mushroom Magazine - German, Psy Trance Magazine
Properly Chilled - Downtempo Music & Culture
Psychedelic Mind Expander - Psychedelic trance database
Revolve magazine - Developing global trance and co-evolution

Studios & Audio Design

Soundmatters - India

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