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Ajja & Cosmosis - The Alien Jams - OUT SOON !!!

1st February 2014

Soon landing on Earth !!!!

Info peakrec.com/releases/all/release_id/25.html

Previews tinyurl.com/thealienjams

TENGRI debut album coming soon!

2nd December 2012

Chill-loving Peakers get ready to be delighted!

Our newest sonic gem "Icaros ", the debut album from talented Macedonian musician Tengri will be released on January 18, 2013!



 PR021 flyer front PR021 flyer



AJJA's new album TULPA now available in digital format!

30th April 2012



Ajja's new album " Tulpa " is now available in digital format for your enjoyment!

Click here to view " Tulpa " on our bandcamp page.

Peak on!

11th March 2012


ajja tulpa out now banner


AJJA's new album TULPA out today!

9th March 2012

 Ajja Tulpa Cover


We are proud and happy to present AJJA ’s new psytrance album “TULPA ”, the eagerly anticipated follow-up to his highly praised debut “Psychogenica”.

Featuring ten finely tuned, multi-layered slices of psychedelia, “TULPA” is powered by pure and undeniable grooves. These throbbing trance-floor ticklers will keep your body dancing, while your head enjoys a joyful journey through the internal landscapes of AJJA’s mind.

True to AJJA’s trademark flawless production that has made his music a fixture on dancefloors around the globe, “TULPA” offers a rare glimpse into the inner dialogues of a genuine psytrance lover.

Bursting with squidgy synths, intricate rhythms, mind-bending breakdowns, unbelievable psychoacoustic effects, and seriously chunky bass, “TULPA” will pull you into its world, take you out, and show you a good time.

“TULPA”, roughly translated as “Thoughtform”, is the Tibetan term for a magically produced illusion or creation... Let yourself be dazzled and entranced by AJJA’s latest manifestation and get your groove on!



11th November 2011

Happy Full Moon and 11.11.11 Peakers of the world!

On this auspicious day the universe has conspired to anticipate the release of our newest jewel "Peakological", so order your fresh copy of this pulsing night-time compilation, put on your dancing shoes and let the party begin!

Peakological coming soon!

13th October 2011

Peakers of the world mark your calendars!

Our newest night-time compilation "Peakological" will be released on November 18, 2011.

Compiled by resident Peak spinner Dj Apex and featuring some of psytrance's finest international talents, "Peakological" will be available in cd and digital formats.

Click here for a little taste of what's to come.


 PR019 banner


The Return of the Peaks

22nd May 2011

Peak aficionados rejoice!

After a sabbatical year (and a half...), new psychedelic gems are on the way!

First in line will be "Peakological ", a night-time compilation concocted by our resident spinner and compiler extraordinaire Dj Apex.




Featuring the talented likes of Ajja , Apex, Illegal Sensations, Southwild, E.V.P., Illegal Machines, Psymmetrix & Satya, Vertical, Kykeon & Karash, Synthetik Chaos & Mons, "Peakological" will provide a stomping and spiraling soundtrack to your 2011 summer.

Stay tuned for the release date!




31st December 2009

Peakers of the world,

we wish you a bountiful full/blue moon and a fantastic new year 2010, filled with joy, laughter, magic & music!

with love & light from the peaks!


27th November 2009


We have the infinite pleasure of presenting “PSYDEBURNS”, the much-anticipated new album from gifted South-African flutist/producer FLOOTING GROOVES.


The progressive follow-up to his much-acclaimed debut album, “PSYDEBURNS” is an aural voyage on the edge between programmed awareness and subtler realms. While maintaining an electronic approach, FLOOTING GROOVES’ new album is still infused with a strong, organic, instrumental groove.


Moving forward like an ever morphing, pulsating biomass, “PSYDEBURNS” is an exploration of the dancefloor in its twilight space: a superb eight-fold psychedelic collection of desert spaces, alien scapes and hypnotic grooves, strongly influenced by the African forests.


Whether you’re watching snowflakes spiraling down from the sky or lounging on a tropical beach, the new FLOOTING GROOVES album is sure to get your blood flowing, tickle your sideburns and groove you up!


Sit back & enjoy!


Trick or Treat? FLOOTING GROOVES new album "Psydeburns" coming soon

30th October 2009

Peakers of the world grab your agendas and fluo pens!

After the success of his debut album, FLOOTING GROOVES is back with a new collection of yummy psy-progressive treats! His new album "PSYDEBURNS " will be released on November 27, 2009!


And for those who have missed his first release "Upsyde Downe "...after being sold out for a few months, we have reprinted it and it's now available again in cd format!

Happy All Hallows Eve & Celtic new year!



Peak Records on Soundcloud

20th September 2009

Salutations peakers of the world!
Peak Records has just opened an account on www.soundcloud.com.

There you will find live streams of selected tracks from our catalog, as well as DJ mixes from some of our very talented label DJs (which you can download for free!).

Click here to visit us there, or just click on the link above the news to see our player.

Enjoy & Peak On!

MASTER MARGHERITA's "Hippies with Gadgets" OUT TODAY!

22nd May 2009

PR017 cover
HIPPIE (noun) - a person of unconventional appearance typically having long hair
and wearing beads,  associated with a subculture involving a rejection
of conventional values and the taking of hallucinogenic drugs
GADGET (noun) - a small mechanical device or tool
We are happy and proud to present “HIPPIES WITH GADGETS” the eagerly awaited new album from gifted ambient & chill whiz MASTER MARGHERITA .

“HIPPIES WITH GADGETS” is an eclectic ‘round-the-world journey into the depth of electronic downbeat that stretches across genres and perfectly illustrates MASTER MARGHERITA’s “free-thinking” composition style.
A splendid collection of eleven enthralling jewels, “HIPPIES WITH GADGETS” is a skillful and versatile album that will soothe, smooth, tickle and groove!

Featuring collaborations with Atriohm, Mauxuam, Ajja, Noodreem, Kodama Wat & more! 
Sit back & enjoy!

Ho ho Ho, Joy to the World!

21st December 2008

Peakers of the world, 'tis that time of the year again!

whether you're grooving on a tropical beach or cozily chilling by the fire on a snowy peak, we wish you a fantastic Winter solstice and a very merry Christmas!

may the new year bring you and the world peace, love, grace, serenity and the joy of new beginnings.
may you be happy and celebrate the magnificence of life,
may your body dance ecstatically to the rhythms of love,
may your feet stomp the magic dancefloors of gaia,
and may your heart skip a beat only in ecstasy!

Happy holidays, ho ho ho & Peak On!






5th December 2008


Epeakurean Cover

Epicurean (noun)

A person devoted to sensual enjoyment


Psy-epicures & pleasure seekers of the world, rejoice! Good times are here again!

Peak Records is psyched to present "Epeakurean ", the new bountiful voyage into the stomping realms of psychedelic trance.

A mouthwatering selection of psychedelic delicacies artfully compiled by DJ Gaspard and featuring talented artists from around the globe, "Epeakurean" is now available worldwide in cd & digital format.

Tune In, Stomp On & Peak Out!



11th August 2008

The time has come again to pack our summer psy-bag and head off to Portugal and the magic parallel universe of the BOOM FESTIVAL ! Yee-ha!

The Peak Posse will be present in full force to partake in the joys of music, art and vision and to offer unforgettable psychedelic shows to the festival goers! Don't miss their live and dj sets!

After a crowd-enchanting European Summer tour, AJJA will groove the Boom boppers with his psy-trance live act on the mainfloor.

THE PEAKING GODDESS COLLECTIVE boys will celebrate the full moon by opening the mainfloor on saturday, august 16, with one of their much appreciated live sets blending live instruments and machines.

And last but definitely not least, resident Peak spinners Buzz-T and Don Ziggy will rock the mainfloor with their dj sets.

Bags are packed and spirits high!

We're ready to boom!

See you on the dancefloor!

Love & light,

The Peakers


Bon Voyage Albert!

30th April 2008

Albert Hofmann


Albert Hofmann is pedaling his lysergic bike into the great beyond

after a long and fruitful life that opened the psychedelic gates

for many generations of space cadets and cosmic wanderers to come

we are grateful to the man who discovered the way to the peak

Happy Trails Dr. Albert!


hofmann bike



4th April 2008

Tranquil times ahoy!

Peak Records' new chill compilation "Tranchillizer " is now at the reach of every downtempo lover!

A collection of ethnic-electric slices of heaven compiled by Master Margherita , "Tranchillizer " is now available world-wide in cd and digital format.

Relax & Enjoy!


Tranchillizer Cover


Master Margherita new moderator on Triplag Radio

31st March 2008

Congratulations to our in-house master compiler and talented producer Master Margherita who is the new moderator for the Trip Chill section of the Triplag radio and forum. We are sure his expertise will be a great contribution to this renowned psychedelic portal!



The Jester interviewed on Chaishop Music News radio

23rd February 2008

Lester Pywell, aka The Jester , our very own South-African Peak Dj is featured in the February edition of the Chaishop music news: One Foot Groove Special , where he talks about his djing career, the psytrance scene in his native country and presents Peak's latest night-time release "Peak-a-Doodle-Doo" compiled by Dj Apex.

The Jester has also been nominated as South-africa DJ of the year 2007 in the Psy / Full on category on the South-african forum Bomelakiesie! Yippee yay! We are proud and happy to have such a talented spinner onboard the Peak Ship!


25th January 2008

Lovers of night-time shivers rejoice!

Peak Records' newest baby "Peak-a-Doodle-Doo " is out in the world!

This fine collection of energetic beats, compiled by Dj Apex and featuring psy-talents from around the globe, is now available in both cd format and digital download.

Enjoy & keep peaking high!


PDD cover


Peak Records on MySpace.com!

10th January 2008

Happy new year Peakers of the world!

We hope the last drops of 2007 were filled with joy & celebration and wish you a fabulous new ride around the sun bathed in happiness, serenity & dancing with star-filled eyes!

Peak Records is now on MySpace.com...come check out our newly created page (click here), listen to some of our psychedelic sounds and before you leave...amuse us with a comment!

Peak On!

It's peakmas time!

24th December 2007

Peakers of the world...it's time to wrap up another year!

Bathed in winter solstice light & full moon shine, we are grateful for your fidelity and love of psychedelic sounds!

We wish you a merry christmas and hope your 2008 will be filled with joy, serenity, dancing feet, grooving souls & more psychedelism!

The Peak new year will once again bring quality psytrance & chill into your life!

The dances will start on January 25 with the release of "Peak-a-Doodle-Doo ", a night-time collection compiled by  Dj Apex and graced by the presence of talented artists from around the globe.

February will be dedicated to slow dancing! Our chill master of ceremonies Master Margherita has concocted "Tranchillizer", a compilation of down-tempo herbal remedies that will soothe your body, mind & soul!

Happy holidays & Peak On!



Ajja - Debut Album "Psychogenica" - Out on Syncronize Records

7th December 2007

Our very own manager and musical talent Ajja has ventured out into the world and crossed the path of Syncronize Records, a new psytrance label emerging from the fertile lands of Ireland.

Ajja's debut solo album "Psychogenica" was released on November 9, 2007 and is already delighting psy-lovers around the globe (click here for Isratrance reviews).

"Psychogenica" is a rare gem of groovy, funky and very psychedelic psytrance that will gently remind any dancefloor of the most important lesson: we are here to groove!

We wish Ajja and Syncronize Records much success and appreciation!

This is an album not to be missed!



New Rodrigo CPU radio show and podcast

19th October 2007

Our Brazilian Peaker-dj RODRIGO CPU , has recently embarked on a radio adventure!

Every Sunday, he brings psytrance to Maringa, a large city in Parana State (South of Brazil). The first half of the Radio Cultura FM show is dedicated to Rodrigo’s mixes, whereas the second half features invited Brazilian djs and live acts (most recently dj Pedrao of Universo Paralello fame).

International listeners can also partake in this psy-feast ! Tune in on Rodrigo’s podcast (updated every Sunday) to check out the latest show. Enjoy!

Radio Gaga..."Organika"!

31st August 2007

Congratulations to The Peaking Goddess Collective boys!

Their freshly released album "Organika " will be featured in the D-Trance radio show on Monday, September 3, 2007, at midnight (central European time GMT+01:00).

You can catch the show live online by visiting the new D-Trance website www.radioas.net


"Organika" on chaishop radio!

28th August 2007

happy full moon chill lovers!

we are proud to announce that two tracks from "ORGANIKA ", the debut album of THE PEAKING GODDESS COLLECTIVE , are featured on the latest edition of the chaishop music news (number 078)! click here to hear the program.



17th August 2007


Yes, Yes! at last the day has come!

"ORGANIKA ", the much awaited debut album by swiss organic chill & trance band THE PEAKING GODDESS COLLECTIVE is available world-wide to chill lovers!

A beautiful marriage of instruments and machines, this organic jewel is an album not to be missed!

If you're a lover of good old-fa


shioned cds..."ORGANIKA " Is available worldwide in shops and e-shops (distributed by Arabesque, UK) ...and if you're a digitally enlightened being...you can obtain the album on beatport, itunes and other digital shops!

Enjoy & Peak on!



the organik summer

25th June 2007

aloha peakers of the world!

we are happy to announce that THE PEAKING GODDESS COLLECTIVE 's debut album "Organika" is finally in print! Yee-ha! it will be released a few weeks after our original intention (oops, the flyer says june!)...but as the old saying goes... better late than never... (we late but we ain't never!).

"Organika" is an epic down-tempo opus that invites the listener to embark on a sonic pilgrimage combining live instruments and psychedelia.

so get your walking stick and leather sandals ready...for the holy caravan is about to set off!

may your summer be filled with sunshine, joy & music!


The Peaking Goddess Collective "Organika" Flyer


Konichiwaaaaa OR When Yab Yum goes Nippon OR Mind my Nippon!

24th May 2007

As Summer is slowly pointing its nose on the Swiss peaks, two of our Peak raiders are off discovering the world!

YAB YUM a.k.a. Ajja Leu and Dj Gaspard , will be performing for the first time in Japan this week-end (May 26-27), courtesy of the BrainBusters Spring Open Air Festival "Hello World".

If your position is in the Pacific...pack your week-end bag & fluo gear, head out to the Tamagawa Campground in Yamanashi and check out the Yab Yum and Ajja Live Acts, as well as a Dj Gaspard set and a Chill ping-pong session between the two culprits! (click here for flyer & info)

Hear! Hear!

Radio gaga! Interview with Master Margherita

2nd May 2007

our very own Master Margherita will be interviewed tonight on the swiss radio Couleur3.

check out here at 11pm sharp (swiss time!)...the program "metissages" will feature words of wisdom from the master himself, peak music & master margherita tunes!


News, grooves and reviews!

20th April 2007

Greetings groove lovers!

thank you for your many positive reactions on our long due website... we are proud & happy to have achieved the ADL (appropriate decency level) necessary to accompany our fine reputation!!! Har!

Our most recent release FLOOTING GROOVES ' debut album "Upsyde Downe" has been out in the world for three weeks and has been increasingly drawing amazed reactions from listeners around the globe (check out a review ). Flooting Grooves is currently touring in South-Africa. He will return to the old continent in May and start performing around Europe. Dont miss the chance to catch him live!

YAB YUM , the Peak in-house psytrance project is preparing to roam the sphere! Surfing the wave of appreciation for their debut album "Nocturnal Emissions", Ajja & Gaspard will be performing live across the world throughout the spring, summer and fall 2007. First stop Japan! They will be heading to the land of the rising sun at the end of may to partake into the celebrations of the BrainBusters crew. Beware!

Last but definitely not least....THE PEAKING GODDESS COLLECTIVE 's long-awaited debut album "Organika" is in its final polishing stages! The four-men-Swiss-organic-live band that has delighted audiences at festivals such as the Boom 2006 and Soulclipse, is about to deliver its first studio baby... a psychedelic symphony laced with ethnic vibrations and instrumental virtuosity. The album is expected for release at the end of may! Rejoice!

New Peak banner

9th April 2007

Peak records new banner

New Peak Records website

30th March 2007

Yes, its true... after many shameful years of being internetically challenged, Peak Records has finally admitted defeat & sought expert help.

Ask and the universe shall provide... in the strange shape of DJ Apex (Peak Rec) a.k.a. Timmy, whose knowledge of the intricacies of web wizardry knoweth no bounds.

Fast forward through many weeks of grueling labour (mainly on Apex's end, as our contributions were unfortunately limited to "ummmm, yeah.... wow... its really cool man... do you think we can, like, make it more purple?" due to our lack of technical background) and we proudly present you with our new, improved & smoothed Peak Records website.

Feel free to browse around, add comments or suggestions in our guestbook, or simply sit & stare at the groovy graphics.

Love & light

Peak Records

© Peak Records 2007. Web stuff by Apex. Artwork by Ajja S.F. Leu and Tanina Munchkina.