Compiled by Gaspard
Title Peaking in Tongues
Release date 5th December 2004
Format CD
Track list

01 The Peaking Goddess Collective - Alliteration (intro)
02 Yab-Yum - Biochemical Possibilities
03 Digital Talk + Seb - Re-Union
04 N3xu5 - Ladykiller
05 Drumatik - Show Time
06 Phyx - Black Magic
07 Electrypnose - Rip
08 Mechanix - Interesant
09 N3xu5 - Master Of Disguise (rmx)
10 Master Margherita & Pearce feat. Dymons - Flowmotion (outro)

Artwork by
Credits Compiled by DJ GASPARD
Mastered by CHROMATONE
Artwork & Design by AJJA & TANINA MUNCHKINA
Info This is the third flying disc to emerge from those full on Swiss 'Peak's, pulsating with molecular eyes'd thoughts expressed through ones and noughts and compiled in real 'Source' code for rattling the neuronic nodes with neo Psybersonic tonics dug fresh from the tryptamines of the sublime.

A ten pack of galactic protractors for charting your course through the strange attractors of mindspace these time dilating light body mutating in sight emanating sonic mandalas are lovingly brought here from afar for us to go completely gaga.

All in all a tasty pie for the third eye brimming with chakra spinning vibe rations of transgalactic mentations motivating imaginations to fly higher and higher.
© Peak Records 2007. Web stuff by Apex. Artwork by Ajja S.F. Leu and Tanina Munchkina.