Artist The Peaking Goddess Collective
Title Organika
Release date 17th August 2007
Format CD & Digital
Track list

01. Hyperspace
02. Love & Peak
03. Star Peace
04. Secret Fire
05. Rolling
06. Ishtar
07. Being Transformation – feat. Alex Grey
08. Arcana (Live Jam) – feat. Tanina Munchkina

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Artwork by
Credits Mixed by Master Margherita
Mastered by Jake Perrine at RFI/CD – -
Artwork & design by Ajja & Tanina Munchkina

Info ORGANIKA is an eclectic album that experiments with various musical styles. Masterfully fusing acoustic instruments and electronic devices, it features collaborative works with talented artists, a live jam with Peak’s resident poet Tanina Munchkina and original poetry by visionary artist Alex Grey!

The “ORGANIKA” journey contains eight beautiful, mind-expanding, musically complex tunes. From the down-tempo docks to the proggy peaks, these handcrafted, psychonaut-friendly musical pieces will stir souls and become lifelong companions.

Whether its down-tempo, funky or ethno-prog… it’s definitely psychedelic!

By Solar Bud (
This arrived yesterday, and what a good album!
Full of gorgeous chilled vibes, mostly real instruments played beautifully, with a very warm and well produced backing of psychedelic chill-out electronica.
The feeling is more of a live psychedelic jam session, and the cover art is stunning, again with that 'home made' feel to it, you can feel the love that has gone into it. The inside cover mandala reminds me of a lot of the old Ozrics artwork. The various musicians and their instruments are listed, and refreshingly, instead of the normal vast list of equipment used, there is a simple 'electronics' used to denote a contribution to the synthesized percussion, keyboards and production generally.
It's definitely made for the 'psy' market though, and I thought that a lot of the 'psycho-babble' type samples in American accents, and time-stretched spoken word type samples didn't really add that much to the actual music, which is absolutely wonderful as it is, and I kind of wished that the 'psy' samples had been left off really.
But apart from that, one of the best albums of great atmospheric music I've bought in a long time . . .
Highly recommended!


By Psyfex (
What can i say, Organika is one of the finest sonic journeys ever devised.
This is simply incredible music, up there with the best the human race has to offer.
Sublime, and completely perfect in every way!
Keep making music, the world needs more visionary sounds like this!
peace & light


By Verb (
So, I picked this up the other day at Startessa, and it's fucking magic! Really excellent stuff, in fact some of the most inspiring music I've heard recently.
Absolutely amazing stuff, highly, HIGHLY recommended.


By Dominic (Interchill Rec, Tokyo)
I bought the album in Tokyo as soon as it came out, and I
must say that I have been blown away by the music. The blend between
different instruments is truly innovative and very pleasurable to listen to.
Well done.


By Mahiane (Ultimae Rec, Lyon) for Freeze Magazine (Greece)
Now that is the perfect title for this album for if I was to summarize it in two words I would say organic electronica. It’s filled with live played instruments, guitar, flute, percussions and amazing electronic composition.
The band is composed of four guys wildly getting into their sound and sharing, experimenting with their instruments. And you can hear this magic in the album. A definite mix of genres, I heard ambient, dub, rock, trance influences and I’m sure you’ll add to this list. A very interesting and open album. Dig it!


By Morpheus Music (

Deep downtempo atmospheres and lush progressive organic/synthetic colour. Organika brims with all manner of sonic ephemera - breezy flutes, didgeridoo, dreamy guitars and ethnic percussion - swirling, spiralling electronic effects and mangled voice samples- lapping water, birdsong, finger cymbals. A lot of work has been put into the percussive side of the music, smooth hand drums and clattering stick work interweave the downbeat dance grooves and imaginative bass lines that drive the music making for a rhythmically engrossing experience. The band's live approach beams clearly through the sharp programming and sparkling mix, performance elements smoothly complementing the digital aspects. Poetic words from artist Alex Grey and Peak’s own resident poet Tanina Munchkina highlight the collaborative vision that the project shares, drawing on the skills of a widely varied pool of talent.

The Peaking Goddess Collective have put together a striking album of chillout mood music - blissful and floatational whilst at the same time heaving with some driving beats. The psychedelic side of the music is ever spattering and layering the tracks with peripheral detail, aural air movement and sonic turbulence. Music to brighten your dreams or to fuel the dance floor, the eclectic aesthetic that the band works toward establishes a timelessness and a trans-cultural sound that works to great effect.

Artwork for the album brings together a similar blend of the synthetic and the organic as can be found in the music - circular mandala like patterns overlay or lurk within luminous photographic imagery. On the front cover half of a rising/setting disc hangs against a sky flushed with rainbow glows, within another disc echoes the shape of the CD. The track list can be found both outside and inside noting key contributors alongside. A full list of guest performers is found on the inside of the sleeve bathed in graphic light.

Advertised under the genre 'psychedelic chill' Organika comes as the debut album from The Peaking Goddess Collective. The band has contributed to a number of compilations and have self-released several of their live performances. Obviously released via Peak records - Organika benefits from the mixing skills of Master Margherita. The collective is described as a "four-piece live digital & organic band known for its outstanding and longstanding performances" comprised of guitarist Ajja S.F. Leu, bass-player Master Margherita and percussionist Dymons joined most recently by flutist Flooting Grooves. Like minded musicians bring digeridoo and tabla, dholak, dhol sounds to the mix as well as the afore mentioned poetic lines.

Organika will doubtless delight the band's fans gathered via their live shows - maintaining something of the feel of improvisational performance whilst building in a carefully crafted studio sound. Organika is for chill lovers that enjoy some powerful rhythms and 'real' instruments against imaginative synth programming.


By Full On, Isratrance forum, 24 semptember 2007

I recommend this fine release for all sorts of home listeners, experienced with chill out music or not, this is first-class music to have as background in relaxing moments... Of course DJs will benefit for the diversity here, and some of them I know are already playing this stuff at Festivals here @ Brazil. Also some people will dig the progressive tune, it is really an unusual approach for the dance floor. My best recommendation is for you to check the samples, you’ll understand this review much better after this.
Favorites: 1, 2(!), 3(!), 5(!), 6(!), 7(!), 8.

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