Compiled by Master Margherita
Title Tranchillizer
Release date 4th April 2008
Format Cd & Digital
Track list

01. Tanina Munchkina & The Leu Family – Aequus Animus (INTRO)
02. Ajja – Pearcushion
03. Atriohm – Tengri
04. Kickbong – Drumridoo
05. Don Peyote – Ragga Agogo
06. Mauxuam – Bleeding 4 Africa
07. Various – Soulcatch
08. Palyrria vs Ajja & Master Margherita – Askia (Tzoura Remix)
09. Pineal – Flying Carpet
10. Zoneotura & Jeff Leinwand – 2060
11. Dagas & Master Margherita – Dreamcatcher
12. Naaga – Pray
13. Megatone – Nirvana (OUTRO)

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Mauxuam - Bleeding 4 Africa Palyrria vs Ajja & Master Margherita - Askia
Artwork by
Credits Compiled by Master Margherita
Mastered by Jake Perrine
Artwork & design by Ajja & Tanina Munchkina

Are you ready to be Tranchillized?
In the wake of the full power night-time psychedelic trip “Peak-a-Doodle-Doo”, PEAK RECORDS returns to chilled waters with the down-tempo compilation “TRANCHILLIZER”, an ethnic-electric journey into the seas of the soul.

Compiler extraordinaire Master Margherita pulls yet another gem from his bag of tricks. “TRANCHILLIZER” is a selection of tracks by renowned international artists and talented newcomers from Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Macedonia, Moldavia, Panama, Australia and Japan, with a couple of surprises from well-known names usually associated with the stomping psytrance circuit.

“TRANCHILLIZER” is a collection of 13 chill delicacies that will transport you on a flavoured ‘round-the-world cruise. Blending modern electronic sounds, ancestral scales and a vast array of ethnic instruments, “TRANCHILLIZER” will delight and accompany you whether your mood calls for swaying, swooning or letting it all hang out!

Tranquil times ahoy!


Review by Radoslaw (

The journey through that Peak's land was great. Was, is, and'll be what to recall. I remember, that from the start do the end was calm and harmonious, just without a little danger and a dose of nervousness when I have met "Soulcatch". The walking tour was very nicely leaded through psychedelic thicket of perfect sound quality. I've met a dozen or so of species of this world, although I thinked, that everything was created by one person. And actually that was one person - person of Peak... That land, here in "Tranchillizer" guided by Master Margherita, proved the unity of personify of its philosophy with life's practice. So the life was created rich in beautiful sounds, that smelled mainly with lenient worries and psychedelic version of anxiety, sometimes sniggering ironically and hallucinogenically... Creative music, technically perfect. Not innovative and not revolutionary one. Great, though leaving in thoughts a certain unsatisfied feeling because of other, in the context to the whole, characteristics of the track number seven (excessive electric) and thirteen (excessive futurism); though for sure there is no bad memories because of listening to them. 

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Review by Drosophila (

Peak Record is back with another chill compilation after the albums of Flooting Grooves and The Peaking Goddess Collective last year. I was damn exited about this one, so it fell directly into my order-box, and boy was I happy about that?!! So what can I say? Peak has done it again! What a journey, I have only had this for a bit more than a week, but it has already found a place in my heart. Very skillfully crafted by the musicians involved and nicely compiled by Master Margherita, better than (the also good) Chillogram. this is a very good compilation, this level of quality is not something that is seen very often! So again I just have to praise this piece of art!
Highly recommended!

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