Compiled by Amazon
Title Peakadelic
Release date 1st May 2013
Format Digital
Track list

01. Ajja & Tanina - Lysergic
02. Gaspard & Flooting Grooves - Scratched Record
03. Ajja & Murat - Oxford Spores
04. Dirty Saffi - Not For Human Consumption
05. Yab Yum - Orgones
06. Foam - Synapse Smasher Mole
07. Sychotria & Fungoloyds - Julnius
08. Drumatik - The Secret Path
09. Fuzulu - Jafang
10. Braindrop - Flute in Fluid
11. Ajja & Tanina - Talk in Colors 

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Mastered by Cass at Wired Masters
Graphic Art & Design by Ajja Leu & Tanina Munchkina


Peak Records is proud to present Peakadelic, the first in a new series of psytrance compilations that will be available exclusively as digital downloads.

Artfully assembled by Dj Amazon, Peakadelic comprises nine stunning tracks produced by some of the finest psytrance artists of our time. 

In keeping with  Peak's tradition of providing a smooth journey that starts you off and brings you back gently, these carefully selected dancefloor fillers are enhanced by psychedelic chill intro and outro tracks.

So make your next online experience be Peakadelic, with a direct digital download of pure psytrance.

© Peak Records 2007. Web stuff by Apex. Artwork by Ajja S.F. Leu and Tanina Munchkina.