Compiled by Master Margherita
Title Chillogram
Release date 15th December 2005
Format CD
Track list

01 Tripswitch feat. Tanina & the PGC – Quanta
02 Atriohm – Sevdah
03 Kickbong – Welcome ET
04 Flooting Grooves feat. Dymons – Desert Fractals
05 Palyrria – Nilos Dub (desert mix)
06 The Peaking Goddess Collective – Purple
07 Hol Baumann – Ocean Kingdom
08 Kali-Frogz – 8/6 Tumor Park
09 Dymons – The Emerald Tablets
10 Lucid Picnic – Forest Picnic
11 Master Margherita – Rainbow Ship
12 Sync24 – Hibernation
13 Master Margherita - Weightless

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The Peaking Goddess Collective - Purple
Artwork by
Credits Mastered by HUBY SEA
Artwork & Design by AJJA & TANINA MUNCHKINA
Info Let yourself be healed, allow your mind to flow, sit back, relax and take off travel without moving! As with 'Chilling Goddess', this compilation brings together well-established international artists and fresh newcomers on the scene. Compiled once again by Master Margherita, this v.a brings you tracks by artists from the U.K., Macedonia, France, South Africa, Turkey, Greece, Sweden and, of course, Switzerland, as well as various cross-cultural combinations. As in Master Margherita's dj performances the flow is of upmost importance. The order of the tracks is the story of his mind, laid out for the ultimate pleasure of the listener.These carefully chosen tracks are typical of Master Margherita's dj sets, mixing ethnic beats and sounds, jazzy riffs, dub skunks with deep ambient atmospheres.

His live acts as well as his dj sets are always a success. He has chilled out many a party in several countries, Greece and Italy being the latest.

By Death Posture :

Another fine, high quality Peak Records instalment comes to an end… The trip started where Chilling Goddess left off – and didn’t stop for a long time… Ever since I got this compilation I’ve been playing it again and again and again and again… It’s an infinite loop, continuously rewarding and ever satisfying… Just like Goddess was… This is not better – or worse! It’s just as good! Of course some tracks are better than others, but that’s really just stating the obvious…

The cover art is brilliant as usual, on this the ‘orange album’. And yeah – the whole quality package once again underlines the fact, that Peak Records is indeed a major player on both the dance and chill markets… A collective force to be reckoned with! Recommended to fans of eclectic chill-out music… Enjoy!

Favourites: 2, 4(!), 5, 6(!), 7(!), 9, 11, 12

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By Psychedelic Mustache:

Aaaah...It seems santaclause came from switzerland this year, and he's delivered a package that will last well in to the new year. This is beyond doubt one of the best compilations of 2005. Peak confirms their position as 100% "trustable", and raises the bar and expectations even further for their comming releases. This is a package filled with quality, mood and mysticism - everything the dedicated chiller can ask for. The trackselection is about as good as it gets, and it's hard to point at weak points here. Highly recomended!!

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