Artist Yab Yum
Title Nocturnal Emissions
Release date 1st December 2006
Format CD Digipack & Digital
Track list 01 Multiball
02 Wou
03 Labium
04 Mind my Nipples
05 Nocturnal Emissions
06 Compliant
07 Yodel
08 Conjoint Twin Myslexia
09 Disconnect
10 Dr Ruthless

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Artwork by
Credits Mastered by CHROMATONE @ geomagnetic Studios, San Francisco
Artwork & Design by AJJA & TANINA MUNCHKINA
Info In the wake of its most recent compilation “Peakopath”, PEAK RECORDS, is proud and happy to present NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS, the stunning full-length debut album of Swiss psychedelic duo YAB-YUM.

NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS is a trippy night-time collection of futuristic freakiness!

A swirling carousel of spunky loops’n’rhythms, spastic elastic sounds and funky leads, balanced by rolling bass-lines and powerful kicks! NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS is…stereo effects and frequency modulation galore that will awaken unsuspected sensations in your cortex!

The YAB-YUM journey comprises 9 mind-bending psychedelic tracks (average bpm 147.3!) that energize you and one chilled tune that allows for a smooth landing.

NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS is sure to trip your groove switch in any situation: compatible with home listenin’, car cruisin’, jolly buzzin’ and dance-floor groovin’, it will accompany the listener through the basics of life. Music for penetration, evacuation, relaxation and congregation!

Psychedelic trance with a sense of humour! Feel the rascal within you rise and let yourself be taken on this journey into the colourful realms of the night!


By Death Posture :

In my book Peak Records equals quality. I’ve liked every single release from these Swiss nutters. And this 12th release, the debut album from Yab-Yum, is another quality release. My expectations prior this were huge – and for the most part they were met. Flow wise this album works like a charm – it’s one continuous, slightly mixed trip which ensures a safe passage from start to finish. There are not bad tracks and lots of really great, stand-out tracks. Gaspard & Ajja are still my heroes.

With that being said, I must also say that a few of the tracks weren’t as amazing as I’d hoped for… Especially some of the faster ones, but I’m kinda picky when it comes to psytrance above the 150 BPM mark. I just had an Utopian dream, that maybe every single track would make me cream my pants. That wasn’t quite the case here – but we got close and for that I’m grateful.

The cover art is lovely as always with Peak Records – and Yab-Yum’s humorous take on psytrance shines thru nicely on the front cover with the guys trapped in their laptops. All in all, this is yet another solid Peak release – well up to par with the back catalogue. Recommended to anyone who’ve ever fell in love with a Yab-Yum track… I know we’re loads scattered around the world… We’re the Yab-Yum Army – and it’s gonna take a nation of millions to stop us! Enjoy!

Favourites: 2, 3, 4(!!), 5(!!), 6(!), 9


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Wonderful stuff. Nighttime with a sense of humour, and a sound that I’ve been unwittingly looking for.

Mind My Nipples is wonderful, blistering stuff with samples that have you grinning and beats that have you tearing a hole in the forest floor. Meanwhile Complaint is wonkier than a donkey, Disconnect has a driving quality not witnessed in dark psychedelic in some time, and the morphing vox on Wou is delightful.Yodel steals the show, a liquid-frenetic track with everything in the right place, at the right time, at the right volume.

And let’s not forget the fact that Nocturnal Emissions is a term for “sleepytime ejaculation” or what happens in your pyjama bottoms after a wet dream.

Classy stuff, only a tad more variety would render it a true blue classic.






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