Artist Flooting Grooves
Title Upsyde Downe
Release date 30th March 2007
Format CD & Digital
Track list 01 Mbirations
02 Across The Threshold
03 Thermal Shock
04 Mystic Mountain
05 Wavelength
06 Birds
07 Zero Defect
08 Spacedrift

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Artwork by
Credits Mastered by Huby Sea & Vincent Villuis @
Artwork by Titine Leu
Graphic design by Ajja & Tanina Munchkina

Info Following the recent psy-stomping-night-time spree with the releases of "Peakopath" and Yab Yum's debut album "Nocturnal Emissions", PEAK RECORDS is now on a mission to explore the chill side of the moon…and is proud to introduce artist and producer FLOOTING GROOVES with his debut album "UPSYDE DOWNE".

Ethnic-ambient-groovy-downtempo-psy-progressive-cyber-chill-floaty-flooty would be a few words to describe FLOOTING GROOVES' music…if only words were enough to describe sound! His trademark is the well-crafted combination of these different styles, producing tight, funky beats, with a silver flute free-floating and gliding on top.

“UPSYDE DOWNE” is a psychedelic odyssey that travels from the land of beatless chill all the way to planet prog, in 8 tracks. Intelligent, trippy and organic, FLOOTING GROOVES’ album is the offspring of hard work, art work and heart work!

The emphasis is on groovy, airborne, spacey sounds that make you feel good!


Review by Mahiane on, France
Upsyde Downe is a pure chill out album with a extension to trance, it?s got that deep groove, catchy melodies and a serious dose of psychedelism as you could expect from any release coming out of Peak! A hint of ethnisism and especially plenty of good mood.


Review by Aeon on Bomelakiesie forum, S.A. (June 2007)

just arrived - lovely. really enjoying this release... it's got a bubbling organic energy which shimmers diffusely throughout. just enough shuffling analogue ambience to keep things 'real', just enough trippy psychedelia to keep things interesting... top stuf



Review by Strange Steve in BPM magazine, South-africa, (May/June 2007 edition)

Originally from Cape Town , Pearce Van Der Merwe has been traveling the world surrounding himself with music and finding his way to the co-founding of the Peaking Goddess Collective in Switzerland , an organic live-act who plays chilled, downtempo and groove-based psytrance. A creative soul, he has since diversified into his solo project, Flooting Grooves which sees his debut album Upsyde Down come to fruition on Peak Records. Upsyde Down is a trance ambient offering that is very well crafted, has immense depth and most importantly takes one on a complete and satisfying journey from start to finish. Beautiful “flooting” melodies and organic instrumentation slowly build into a mesmerizing down-tempo groove of world music soundscapes of a tranquil nature. A welcome addition to anybody's ambient collection …



Abatwa review, posted on isratrance forum, April 2007

Very exciting album. Innovative, full of ideas, very psychedelic, very atmospheric. Indeed one of the best offerings in years. Thanks to the Peak crew. Amazing artwork too!
Keep up good work guyz



Review by Paul on Morpheus Music, UK (April 2007)

STYLE Downtempo trippy, chillout with some imaginative organic performances on flute and other instruments. The album opens with some beautifully atmospheric flute lines and echoing exotic percussion - breathy phrases curl and breeze through the air. The album delivers a well balanced fusion of electronic programming and organic instrumentation. The drums often have a 'live' sound to them, embellished with a variety of ethnic and synthetic layers. There is plenty of repetition employed in the track structures, brief motifs and arpeggios rolling in hypnotic revolutions - the emphasis often on rhythm and mood rather than melody. Abundant use of sharp effects creates a depth and sense of distance, the occasional spoken voice sample meandering between tracks, introducing what is to come. Most tracks interfade creating a fluid listening experience from start to finish.

MOOD Upsyde Downe delivers a busy series of psychedelic aural environments where the quality or nature of the sound is of equal importance with any tunes being unfolded - the lush multilayered tracks are dripping with detail, surrounding the listener, mesmerising and beguiling. There is an underlying global thread taken up by instruments such as the didgeridoo and ethnic percussives - but also the electronica itself has an exotic nature to it, unusual voices and tribal patterns thickening the spell.

ARTWORK The artwork here is firstly hand drawn, but with some additional graphic manipulation. Complex figures, delicately patterned with a style in places not unlike traditional Aboriginal art, swirling backgrounds and informal fonts combine to form images of mystical gardens and arcane forests. The CD is presented in a jewelcase with a two panel foldout sleeve - inside are credits and a page of thanks acknowledging, among others, Miles Davis, Ian Anderson and The Grateful Dead.

OVERALL Coming via Switzerland's Peak Records (renowned for quality psychedelic trance and psychedelic chill releases) Upsyde Downe is Flooting Grooves debut CD. The man behind the project is actually Pearce Van Der Merwe, born in Cape Town and having grown up in South Africa and Italy. Building on an early interest in seventies psychedelic music Pearce connected with musicians Dan Symons (a.k.a Dymons) and Ajja Leu (one half of Yab Yum) who both contribute to Upsyde Downe. He is also a part of The Peaking Goddess Collective (PGC): the organic chill and psy trance band formed in 2003 by Ajja, Dymons & Master Margherita, which combines laptops and synths with live instruments: Flute, Guitar, percussion, Bass & Fx. The label describes the music as "ethnic-ambient-groovy-downtempo-psy-progressive-cyber-chill-floaty-flooty" and this is as good a summary as anything.

WHO WILL LIKE THIS ALBUM If you enjoy downtempo or midtempo psychedelic chill with tribal atmospheres and organic performance - Flooting Grooves is a cut above the average for the genre. Deep, colourful music with emotive flutes - this is an album for headphones or for flinging your arms up and moving.

© Peak Records 2007. Web stuff by Apex. Artwork by Ajja S.F. Leu and Tanina Munchkina.