Compiled by Master Margherita
Title Chilling Goddess
Release date 21st March 2005
Format Cd + Digital
Track list

01 Aes Dana HUG
02 Astral Waves SHANTI
04 Master Margherita LUNE
05 Lucid Picnic GROUND
06 Cell vs Kalifrogz HAWAII TRANSIT (ocean board remix)
07 Omiq Project TEXTURES
08 Electrypnose PARADIS PERDU
09 Kickbong GRAVITY
10 The Peaking Goddess Collective feat. Alex Grey YOU ARE ONE
11 Smiley Pixies SPRITES & SPELLS
13 Tanina & Ajja OUTRO – EQUINOX

Tanina Munchkina & Ajja - Equinox
Artwork by
Credits Compiled by MASTER MARGHERITA
Mastered by HUBY SEA
Artwork & Design by AJJA & TANINA MUNCHKINA
Info Chilling Goddess is the first in a series of chill compilations to be released by Peak Records. A springtime celebration conceived by the Swiss label’s crew and compiled by Master Margherita. Chilling Goddess is a glimpse into the lighter side of Peak inviting you to kick back, suspend your worries and float for a while. Whether you like slow, dreamy pads, that shpongly sound, the ethnic vibe or powerful chill beats, this compilation will delight you with its broad range of music & intelligent evolution. Mastered by Huby Sea & Aes Dana, distributed worldwide by Arabesque, Chilling Goddess is a carefully selected chill odyssey featuring well-known artists & and upcoming talents

By Karnaf :

So my last Friday day started good. I woke up, got dressed and ready, and I went to my favorite café with a good book. Just a quiet Friday morning. When I passed by my mailbox I have surprisingly found a CD in it. It was the latest chill out compilation by Peak Records, home of the Peaking Goddess Collective.
Peak Records don’t usually release chill out albums and compilation. They usually release “real” trance. This is a very nice exception from their side. I’m glad they’ve made that exception.
The CD is very relaxed from start to end, with nice sounds and melodies. It builds up an atmosphere very well, in an elegant way, with a thin line of storytelling behind the scene, using all sorts of instruments, sounds and vocals.
It was a very relaxing day for me and had been so with the great help of this new compilation. I’ve listened to it three times in a row on the same day which probably means that I find this a great chill out compilation. Relaxed and easy, great atmosphere there. Go get it.



By Death Posture :

I must say that Peak Records again surprise me positively… Last years full-on compilation Peaking in Tongues was an instant smash, and now the Swiss collective have proven that they also can put together high quality chill compilations…

Besides from a couple of the really dark, minimal tunes in the second quarter of this CD, I like most of the tracks here… The diversity is rich, and we get a taste of most kinds of chilled music… From dreamy beatless chill-out, over dark gloomy ambient, to trippy tribal ethno dub... A diversity that should satisfy most fans of rich chill-out music… Diversity rules!

I'm really looking forward to the next chill compiliation from this magical Swiss collective to grace our ears… And I do not hesitate to recommend this to fans of chilled, mellow soundscapes… Enjoy!

Favourites: 1, 3(!!), 6, 7, 8, 9(!), 10(!!), 12

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