Artist Drumatik
Title Peak Process
Release date 27th March 2006
Format CD
Track list

01 The forest spirit
02 Off into space
03 Devil’s door
04 Simulations
05 Killing zoo rmx
06 Access approved
07 Psychiatric symphony
08 Revolution 2012
09 Face to faith

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Artwork by
Credits Mastered by CHROMATONE @ Geomagnetic Studios, San Francisco
Artwork & Design by Ajja & Tanina Munchkina

Info In the wake of its latest compilations "Chillogram" and "Utopeak followed by Electrypnose's acclaimed full-length debut album, Peak Records is delighted to unearth yet another gem of the Swiss psychedelic scene: DRUMATIK presents his debut album "Peak Process" to be released in March 2006. And what an electrically charged maelstrom it is!

DRUMATIK has the habit of pushing boundaries over the edge and "Peak Process" is an ideal manifestation of the concept. The nine fast-paced sonic bulldozers composing the album are theatrically stitched together in a manic fit of twists & grooves. And they are heading straight for the night dancefloors of psychedelia with a couple of detours through the twilight zone!

DRUMATIK's production is a technically impeccable patchwork of innovative sounds. A topsy-turvy alchemy of clever sampling, unexpected breaks, powerful basslines and hectic rhythms accompanied by crunchy but atmospheric pad sounds. Add leads that chase one another through the tunes lifting and shaking the mind of the listener, and the successful equation of the DRUMATIK project is complete!

Caution: this man's music is an extreme journey…Do not take lightly!
Long live the drumming basket case!


By Death Posture :

What an album! Easily the most energetic I’ve heard from Peak Records – there is not a single dull second here and basically this is a big old melting pot: A billion ideas, styles, oddball twists and turns – all kept within a framework of full-on night trance… Yeah, this is patchwork psytrance – like a big old quilt sewn together from a billion little funky pieces – and as such, this is extremely cool! I cannot even begin to count the layers here – or contemplate how many months of work made into making this… It’s one jaw-dropping moment after another. It’s really, really impressive!

On the downside this album is only a little under 55 minutes long. They could’ve easily fit two more tracks here… Also, some tracks have too similar parts – and they almost drown in their own success. Almost! The funny thing is, that all off these tracks would have been stand-outs if featured on compilations – but here, it’s one belting blast-track after another, and you don’t get any time to catch your breath between tracks… Basically it’s like a 55 minute track! A 55 minute full-on, full-power, relentless psytrance track mind you! That’s not necessarily a bad thing, and I’m not complaining – I like all the tracks here… It’s just that journey-wise this album doesn’t work that well… In the same notion it’s less good for home listening – but it’s absolutely brilliant as a DJ tool… All these tracks *will* cause absolutely devastation on the dance floors… Trust me!

Peak fans will most definitely take well to this as will fans of Timecode and Ketuh Records… It’s a real treat for acid-heads! I’m an acid-head, so I’m really impressed by this album too – just like at my indication of fav’e tracks below. They are all brilliant (which of course has something to do with this basically being ‘one track’ running for 55 minutes). Anyway, this is good wholesome entertainment – up to par with the usual Peak Records quality… Enjoy!

Favourites: All, but 2, 5, 6(!) and 9 are stand-outs

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